Virgin America

Flying is always uncomfortable for most people, unless you’re one of those people who always fly first class. I am definitely not one of those people, so seeing that Virgin America wants to change that makes me extremely happy. As you can see from the picture above the seats are decked out in purple leather, and the overhead cabins are a bright purple as well. I think this looks so rad. It’s so much better than the horrid dirty, off white most airplanes have.

What’s probably the coolest part to me is that each seat has it’s own “in-flight entertainment device”. With this you can order food and drinks, chat with other people, and even play DOOM! They also have over 3000 MP3’s built-in (think Virgin Records) and you can customize a playlist for yourself. Not only that, the computer will remember your playlist for when you fly again, cuz’ shit, why wouldn’t you be flying with them again?!

The one downside to all of this is that the only places Virgin America flys out of are Los Angeles, San Franciso, Las Vegas, New York and D.C. But I have a feeling that they’ll do really well, especially by having REALLY cheap flights. Also be sure to check out a bunch more pictures of the plane here.

Link via Core77


August 2, 2007