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Lehel Kovacs

What happens when you take a young Hungarian man with a degree in window dressing and a past in graphic design? Well that would be the work of Lehel Kovac.

Currently working in Budapest, Lehel has an awesome portfolio of work. His architectural pieces are my favorites though. The way he renders them are amazing, and then when he lays colors over the top of them, they look absolutely amazing.
Also be sure to check out his blog, which he seems to update pretty regularly.


The Office Preview: Summer’s Over!

Oh man! Jeff just sent me this, a preview to the new season of The Office. In it, the characters talk about how their summers were.
Let’s just say that some people had a good summer, and some people were left crying next to a fountain in the middle of New York… hahahaha!
And Pam is looking hot, with her low(er) cut sweater!


Mimobots Designed by Undoboy

Mimobots, the ultra-cute, bear-shaped, flash-drives have teamed up with Spear Collective to design 2 new versions of the mega popular storage devices. They held a little competition amongst the Spear Collective Gang, and in the end, Undoboy was the grand champion, with his King and Queen versions.
I have to say they’re pretty damn rad looking, probably the best I’ve seen of these so far. You can pick them up now at the Mimobot online store by clicking here.
Also be sure to check out Undoboy’s awesome portfolio site as well!


The New Faile Prints

I posted a couple of weeks ago about Faile releasing a slew of new prints for sale through their website. Unfortunately, the site was so overwhelmed by visitors that the whole thing shut down.
Thankfully, The World’s Best Ever was able to download all of the images, to give people a taste of what they missed out on. There’s some really great work in there, it’s too bad (for people like me) that they’ve blown up so huge (but good for them)!

Click here to check out the rest of the images!


The Blab! Show

BLAB!’s annual art show in support of the upcoming annual coffee-table book is coming up soon. The Blab! Show will be held at the Copro-Nason Gallery in Santa Monica on September 8th. They’ll be having an opening night party from 8-11PM, and it should be a good time.
The artists involved this time around, just to name a few, are Tim Biskup, Shag, Gary Baseman, Travis Lampe, Sergio Ruzzier, Gary Taxali, and a whole lot more. I’ll definitely be there, and I’ll probably take a bunch of pictures, so keep an eye out!


Umbrella Pot by Kyouei Design

There are two things I don’t get very much of in my life here in LA. One is the use of an umbrella, because it hardly ever rains here, and two, would be plants in my apartment, because I don’t have very much room. But if I had more rain, and more space, I’d totally want one of these!
It’s simply called an Umbrella Pot, and it does exactly what it says. It holds your umbrella after you come home from a rainy day, but then the water trickles into the pot part, watering your small, plant friend. I’m guessing that this is just a prototype, but I could see these doing rather well in the mainstream market.
Be sure to check out Kyouei Designs website as well, they have some rather cool lamps as well.

Link via Jean Snow


Jeff Soto’s New Work

I must admit, I’ve never been a HUGE fan of Jeff Soto’s artwork. It’s a bit too “weird” for me, there aren’t enough normal things happening in them… I dunno. I respect him for sure.
But I spotted the piece above on his blog on Fecal Face, and had to post it. I love how it’s this huge, black, ominous cloud creature, but it has this super bright rainbow thing streaking through it. The combination of those two things are amazing to me!

Mr. Soto is having a show at the Jonathon Levine Gallery in Ny from September 8th till October 6th. If you’re near NY then, be sure to check it out.