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Gustav Gustafsson

I think if ghosts took pictures, they’d probably end up looking like Gustav Gustafsson’s photos. Gustav is a Swedish photographer, though he was originally trained as a welder, and has no real photography training. He also likes collecting postcards, and playing bass in his band, Les Nipples.
What I particularly like is the dreamy quality to all of his photos, none of them looking quite real. I also like how they’re washed out, and the colors are muted, something that I usually don’t do when I take pictures. Very inspirational work.


The Super-Kamiokande

Holy shit. The image you see above is from the Super-Kamiokande, or Super-K for short, which is a neutrino observatory in Tokyo. The Super-K is located 1,000 meters underground the Mozumi Mine, and is made up of 50,000 tons of pure water (not present in the picture above), and 11,200 photomultiplier tubes. And honestly, that about all I can understand about it,

What I do understand, is how amazing it looks, so check out even more super hi-res pictures here!

Link via Pruned


Vélib’ Public Bicycles

Photo by austinevan

France has hit the nail on the head with it’s new large scale bike-program, Vélib’, which made it’s grand opening last week. Vélib’ is the combination of the words vélo” (bike) and “liberté” (freedom), and offers just that, a cheap and easy way to get around Paris. You can rent one of the bikes from one of the over 1,400 stations scattered around Paris, for only about $1.50 for a day pass, You can also get a week pass, or a yearly subscription as well.

I personally think this is an amazing idea, and I wish that city like Los Angeles could adopt such a program. But unfortunately, this city was built for cars, and using a bike on the streets, where street parking is an essential, is almost impossible. Every day on my way to work, I almost hit the same two bicyclists, because unfortunately, there’s really no room for them.
I’m hope one day the fine decision making bodies of Los Angeles wake up and realize that they need to change the way the citizens get around the city, and valley as well.


The Darjeeling Limited Trailer

I posted yesterday about this, but I wanted to throw the trailer on here for:

A) Those too lazy to click the link and watch this amazing trailer.

B) I want to be able to watch this trailer like, 14 times a day, and this makes it easier.


Just What the Founders Feared: An Imperial President Goes to War

Photo by Jerry Reynolds

I read this op-ed piece in the New York Times, and I thought I would share it.

Just What the Founders Feared: An Imperial President Goes to War
by Adam Cohen

The nation is heading toward a constitutional showdown over the Iraq war. Congress is moving closer to passing a bill to limit or end the war, but President Bush insists Congress doesn’t have the power to do it. “I don’t think Congress ought to be running the war,” he said at a recent press conference. “I think they ought to be funding the troops.” He added magnanimously: “I’m certainly interested in their opinion.”

The war is hardly the only area where the Bush administration is trying to expand its powers beyond all legal justification. But the danger of an imperial presidency is particularly great when a president takes the nation to war, something the founders understood well. In the looming showdown, the founders and the Constitution are firmly on Congress’s side.

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It Is A Circular Universe by Mike Perry

I’ve been trying to get this little project done for a while now, and it’s finally here for everyone to see!
As a part of the Parking Lot Art Show I posted about, designer-extraordinaire Mike Perry created a 16 page zine in a large, newspaper form, containing tons of his awesome imagery.

For those who don’t know who Mike Perry is, he is a Brooklyn based designer hailing originally from the Midwest of America. This is where he gets the name of his website, Midwest is Best. He created a book entitled ‘Hand Job: A Catalog of Type‘, art directed for Urban Outfitters, illustrated for Dwell Magazine, and even has his own Threadless Select t-shirt!

So I’ve gone ahead and scanned in the entire zine, and well, it looks pretty awesome. I did my best to give you the full effect of the colors and the presentation. I hope everyone enjoys it!

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Jaret Belliveau

Jaret Belliveau is only 26, but he takes pictures like he’s been through a lot. The pictures you see above are from a collection called ‘The Dirt Squad’, which look like pictures of his little brothers friends, hanging out and getting drunk in attics. To me, they look like glossy versions of something Ed Templeton would do.
His most powerful pictures though, come from his Familial Endurance, which document his mother’s cancer, and how she and his family experienced it. It’s extremely emotional, and unfortunately, tragic. I honestly got teary eyed while looking through the photos, and even writing this, I get a bit choked up.


Gary Taxali

I’m always really impressed when people can create artwork that looks like it was made in 1920. Gary Taxali, Canadian illustrator, has that talent. I love how absolutely detailed all of his work is. His handwriting on a lot of his pieces reminds me a lot of my grandmother’s, and I love that he includes a stamp of his name on each of his pieces.


Microbiology Shoes

I thought it would be fun to post a picture of a pair of shoes that Jeff made me last year as a Hannukah present.
They’re a customized pair of Vans with tiny bacteria painted all over them. I think they turned out soooo well, and I love showing them off, haha.

If anyone wants a customized pair of shoes, e-mail  me and I’ll let him know!


The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited

GAH I’m so excited for this! My friend over at Fox Searchlight just sent me this one-sheet of Wes Anderson’s new movie, The Darjeeling Limited! The story is about three brothers who haven’t spoken to each other for a year, but re-connect after the death of their father. They take a train trip across India to try and become a family again.

The movie stars Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman, Adrien Brody, Anjelica Houston, Natalie Portman, and Roman Coppola. Also, it was written by Wes Anderson, Jason Schwartzman and Roman Coppola, so I’m guessing the script will be pretty strong, not like the pretty disappointing The Life Aquatic.

You can view the trailer over at Apple by clicking here!