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Tony Law

I was reading an article Wired online this morning about China and how they’re trying to “green” themselves for the upcoming Olympics. The article was called Smog and Mirrors, and as I scrolled through it, I was totally taken by the photos. They were taken by a photographer named Tony Law who unfortunately I couldn’t find much out about. I did find the he was born in Hong Kong in 1978, and that he was picked as one of PDN’s 30 Under 30 of emerging photographers.
On his site he has 9 different galleries, with his Chinese Landscapes being my favorite. I love how he uses long exposures and his colors are always extremely vibrant. Also be sure to check out the rest of his galleries as well though, they’re all extremely well done.

You can also check out more of his photos under the cut.
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Ultimates 3 Cover by Joe Madureira

Ultimates 3 Cover by Joe Madureira

NERD ALERT! If you don’t like comic books, you should probably just skim on by this one… haha.
The picture above is the new cover of Ultimates Vol. 3, which is going to be drawn by Joe Madureira and written by Jeph Loeb. The image is absolutely fantastic, showing a bunch of the Ultimates and non-Ultimate characters. There will be another half to this cover as well, featuring the villains as well. My favorite person in the whole cover is Quicksilver at the bottom right.
It’s about time Joe Madureira got onto a big time book like this instead of wasting his time on silly projects that don’t go anywhere. Hopefully he keeps the awesome work!

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Christopher David Ryan

Christopher David Ryan is an awesome illustrator/designer based out of Brooklyn, NY. I love his super clean style, it reminds me of books I’d read when I was a little kid. He also has a fun little shop where you can buy prints of the work on his site called My Little Underground. Really reasonable prices for really fun work.


Gustav Gustafsson

I think if ghosts took pictures, they’d probably end up looking like Gustav Gustafsson’s photos. Gustav is a Swedish photographer, though he was originally trained as a welder, and has no real photography training. He also likes collecting postcards, and playing bass in his band, Les Nipples.
What I particularly like is the dreamy quality to all of his photos, none of them looking quite real. I also like how they’re washed out, and the colors are muted, something that I usually don’t do when I take pictures. Very inspirational work.


The Super-Kamiokande

Holy shit. The image you see above is from the Super-Kamiokande, or Super-K for short, which is a neutrino observatory in Tokyo. The Super-K is located 1,000 meters underground the Mozumi Mine, and is made up of 50,000 tons of pure water (not present in the picture above), and 11,200 photomultiplier tubes. And honestly, that about all I can understand about it,

What I do understand, is how amazing it looks, so check out even more super hi-res pictures here!

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Vélib’ Public Bicycles

Photo by austinevan

France has hit the nail on the head with it’s new large scale bike-program, Vélib’, which made it’s grand opening last week. Vélib’ is the combination of the words vélo” (bike) and “liberté” (freedom), and offers just that, a cheap and easy way to get around Paris. You can rent one of the bikes from one of the over 1,400 stations scattered around Paris, for only about $1.50 for a day pass, You can also get a week pass, or a yearly subscription as well.

I personally think this is an amazing idea, and I wish that city like Los Angeles could adopt such a program. But unfortunately, this city was built for cars, and using a bike on the streets, where street parking is an essential, is almost impossible. Every day on my way to work, I almost hit the same two bicyclists, because unfortunately, there’s really no room for them.
I’m hope one day the fine decision making bodies of Los Angeles wake up and realize that they need to change the way the citizens get around the city, and valley as well.


The Darjeeling Limited Trailer

I posted yesterday about this, but I wanted to throw the trailer on here for:

A) Those too lazy to click the link and watch this amazing trailer.

B) I want to be able to watch this trailer like, 14 times a day, and this makes it easier.