Date Archives July 2007

Amy Bennett

Growing up in the suburbs of Northern California I have a particular fondness for art that finds extraordinary occurrences in mundane places. That’s why I really like Amy Bennett’s series of paintings, all of them portraying slightly weird neighborhoods, and how the people in them are all forced to co-exist with one another.
All of the paintings are based off of 1:87 scale models of houses, but she decided to create stories and families for each home, which are now depicted in each of her pieces. Beautifully creepy stuff.


22 Flavours

22 Flavours is a t-shirt design project created by Life Lounge. When I first visited the site, I was pretty excited. The look and feel is amazing, but when I got to the shirts, I was rather disappointed. All the shirts have on them is two colored dots with a flavor description under them. Pretty lame. Luke over at Life Lounge cleared things up. The artists are using the two colors on the shirts in their designs. Pretty awesome.

What’s also cool is that all of the profits from the shirts go to charity, so you should probably buy one anyway. But the design and branding of the site is what really stood out to me, so be sure to check it out.


Sally Scott

Mark this entry under, “I don’t speak Japanese, but the pictures look cool”.
I randomly found this Japanese woman’s wear line called Sally Scott, based out of Tokyo, I think. I was searching for stuff relating to an art director named Atsuki Kikuchi who works for Bluemark, when I came across these and was totally taken be the photos. The colors are absolutely perfect, and the styling is really cute as well.


Uniqlo Paper Vol. 2

Uniqlo, the Japanese GAP (but way better), has released Uniqlo Paper No. 2, and it has lots of great photos in it. The one’s above are from Ryan McGinley’s summer vacation, and there’s also some Terry Richardson stuff and some great kids photos. So if you’re in New York, check it out, and send me one!


Yugo Nakamura

Early this morning I randomly stumbled upon Yugo Nakamura’s site, YUGOP. Yugo seems to be an interaction designer, and his site has a bunch of fun programs that involve black circles of differing sizes that fall out of the sky which you can throw around and change sizes of. Okay that sounds really weird, but it’s fun, haha.
There are also a bunch of fun sounds that go along with the site as well, it really makes me want to put fun sounds on it (but I definitely won’t)!


Mini’s New Clubman

The Mini, probably the hottest, small car in the world, is going to be getting a big brother sometime next year. Dubbed the Clubman, it has 5 doors, a small door on the right side and two large doors on the back, and is a lot longer than the Mini. I likened it to a sedan version of a Mini, which is a weird idea, sort of.
But I think I like it, they definitely did a good job of sticking true to the brand, but offered something a little more new and exciting. Unfortunately, these guys won’t be showing up till nexy year sometime, and who knows which countries will be receiving one.

For more info on the car, click here, and for a bunch more pictures, click here.


Digg Labs / Arc

As a daily reader of Digg, I think this is pretty rad. Arc is a new way to view Digg, created by the Digg Labs. It looks like a giant sunburst, with every ray representing a news story. The larger the ray is, the more Diggs the post has received.
Also, people who post more than once are linked by a transparent thread, so if you liked what they’ve Dugg, maybe you’ll be interested in something else they’ve posted. It sure beats stuffy, old CNN…


A Nice Night For A Walk

As I’m writing this it’s 10:22 PM, and it’s still 74º… blah.
Jeff and I took a walk around the neighborhood tonight, taking pictures of whatever we come across. There were a lot of nuts and weirdos all over Hollywood Blvd., but I took mostly pictures of buildings and inanimate objects, I’m too shy/afraid to approach people.