Vélib’ Public Bicycles

Photo by austinevan

France has hit the nail on the head with it’s new large scale bike-program, Vélib’, which made it’s grand opening last week. Vélib’ is the combination of the words vélo” (bike) and “liberté” (freedom), and offers just that, a cheap and easy way to get around Paris. You can rent one of the bikes from one of the over 1,400 stations scattered around Paris, for only about $1.50 for a day pass, You can also get a week pass, or a yearly subscription as well.

I personally think this is an amazing idea, and I wish that city like Los Angeles could adopt such a program. But unfortunately, this city was built for cars, and using a bike on the streets, where street parking is an essential, is almost impossible. Every day on my way to work, I almost hit the same two bicyclists, because unfortunately, there’s really no room for them.
I’m hope one day the fine decision making bodies of Los Angeles wake up and realize that they need to change the way the citizens get around the city, and valley as well.


July 25, 2007