It Is A Circular Universe by Mike Perry

I’ve been trying to get this little project done for a while now, and it’s finally here for everyone to see!
As a part of the Parking Lot Art Show I posted about, designer-extraordinaire Mike Perry created a 16 page zine in a large, newspaper form, containing tons of his awesome imagery.

For those who don’t know who Mike Perry is, he is a Brooklyn based designer hailing originally from the Midwest of America. This is where he gets the name of his website, Midwest is Best. He created a book entitled ‘Hand Job: A Catalog of Type‘, art directed for Urban Outfitters, illustrated for Dwell Magazine, and even has his own Threadless Select t-shirt!

So I’ve gone ahead and scanned in the entire zine, and well, it looks pretty awesome. I did my best to give you the full effect of the colors and the presentation. I hope everyone enjoys it!


July 24, 2007