Dan Funderburgh Mania!

Dan Funderburgh Mania!
Dan Funderburgh Mania!

Through some random internet twists and turns I ended up finding some rather awesome Dan Funderburgh related items online!

First off is a site called Thought Ninjas, which may be some sort of old portfolio of his? I’m not quite sure, but it’s detailed and beautiful with the most perfect color combinations ever. He also has a set of posters for sale over at The Giant Peach called Thought Ninja 2 and Thought Ninja 3. Each one is $30, and they both look great.

Next is his t-shirt he designed for Threadless entitled, Iconoclast, which in my opinion is worth way more than $25.

Then I also found out that he had a Virb account as well, so I had to harass him on there as well.

Finally, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several months, he has beautiful line of wallpapers up over at Flavor Paper.

PHEW! Time for me to go to bed!


July 12, 2007