Daring Fireball

Daring Fireball

I am a big time Apple supporter, but more importantly, a big supporter of well designed objects. That goes hand in hand with Apple’s purpose when making new products, make things that work well with people. Normal people, not just certain people. This is the reason why the iPod is so phenomenal, it’s easy for anyone, anywhere, to use.

But Daring Fireball loves Apple even more than I do, and in turn, I love Daring Fireball. Written by John Gruber, Daring Fireball is the place to go to if you don’t want to visit some horribly designed, ad-riddled computer site. John lays out the information clean and simply, and without the bullshit.
In fact, John hates bullshit, especially people in the media who try to say, “Apple is this…” or “Apple products do that…”, when it’s just not true. Basically, he calls people on their bullshit, and you know what? Man oh man is he right. He brands many an Apple doubter with the ‘jackass stamp’, and with all the (well deserved) buzz about the iPhone, his stamp is whittling down quite quickly.

So if you like Apple products, computer stuff, or just a good laugh, definitely check out Daring Fireball.


June 26, 2007