We’re Rollin’, They’re Hatin’

We’re Rollin’, They’re Hatin’
We’re Rollin’, They’re Hatin’

We’re Rollin, They’re Hatin’ was a huge, month long, Dungeons and Dragons based art show that happened in Chicago from April 20th to May 20th. My friend Riley, who is also the Dungeon Master in the AMAZING fantasy television series, Dungeon Majesty, filled me in on it this weekend. There’s just so much to talk about, it’s almost overwhelming!
Basically, they got together over 30 amazing artists like the aforementioned Dungeon Majesty, Noah Butkus, Maya Hayuk, Cody Hudson, Paper Rad, Little Friends of Printmaking, Steven Harrington, and Justin Kreitemeyer.
I wish I would have been able to see this, it looks like it would be such a fuckin’ blast!
You can check out lots of pictures of the show at Stugrock’s Flickr, and the Little Friends of Printmaking have a set up as well!

They also had their t-shirts printed by Threadless, which are still on sale, so go by some! Your mother would love one!
You can also get the catalog and show zine which is printed on 17 x 22″ newsprint in purple ink! It has artwork from 17 of the artists in the show, and looks like it would be so rad. And it’s only $5!

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