Art and Design of Gama-Go

Art and Design of Gama-Go
Thanks to Chris at Gama-Go for the image!

I remember when I used to go down to San Francisco and I’d love to shop on Haight Street. My favorite store of all was Villains, because they always had tons of rad t-shirts. But my favorite above all other t-shirts was Gama-Go. Thanks to Tim Biskup’s fantastic art, they made me want to buy every one I came across.
Well now Gama-Go is releasing Art and Design of Gama-Go, a complete, up-to-date cataloging of all of Gama-Go’s designs from the past 6 years. The book comes out July 15th, and is sure to be huge.
They all have some fun pictures from the book release party up on their blog as wel, so check those out.


June 19, 2007