Saturday in LA

Jeff and I have had a pretty lazy day today. I got my car washed and then we went looking for a job for Jeff.

After that we picked Garrett up and headed over to the Beverly Center. I bought an awesome pair of jeans from Heritage (for only $30!) and Jeff got a really rad yellow and brown striped sweatshirt (which Garrett dubbed the ‘Blonde’). After that we went over to La Brea and popped in Supreme, Family and Turntable Lab. I bought a new Geoff McFetridge t-shirt which I absolutely love, which happens to look really great with the pants I bought.

After that we headed home and have been watching The Office Season 3 in bed all day. We’ve watched 17 episodes so far… yikes. One of my favorite parts was from the scene above. Angela could very well be the scariest person ever. I also loved the episode with the bat.

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  1. Jeff Quinn June 11, 2007 at 1:57 PM

    dwight: “monkey, is it really that bad if everyone in the office knows about our business? i mean, look at kelly and ryan.”

    angela: “i hate those two people more than anything else in the world!”


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