Lego Universe

Lego Universe

When I was a little kid I used to make mazes for rolly pollys out of Legos. I’d spend half an hour constructing them, making dead ends and giving only one exit out. Except the bugs were assholes and wouldn’t go through it, even though there was always delicious grass at the end, which all bugs love, right?

Anyway, Lego announced that they’re starting a new massively multiplayer online game called ‘Universe’. From the very brief press release, you’ll be able to create your own character and explore a fully Lego-ized world. Whether you can actually build your own buildings and the such remains to be seen. But overall the idea sounds like it could be really fun and offers a lot of promise.


P.S. That is TV on the Radio up there. They were created by minifig, and you can see more here.

June 8, 2007