The New London 2012 Olympic Logo

The New London 2012 Olympic Logo

I’m at a total loss for words about this abomination.
Actually, that’s not true at all. This is absolute shit.

It took me near 5 minutes to figure out that they were all numbers.
I keep thinking the word “x-treme” describes this best. And that you should probably put this logo on a package of yogurt you give to your kids that is squeezed out of a tube and was made in the early 90’s. Not only that, but the colors are horrendous as well.

Here is a BBC article about the branding, and how badly the individuals involved are trying to spin this piece of shit into gold. And be sure to take the quiz as well, at the moment, 84% of the people hate it’s guts.

Update: I went back to the BBC page and over 10,000 more people have taken the poll since I posted earlier, and the percentage that dislike it are at 83%!!! I’m not a math person, I leave that to the boyfriend, but that’s a huge number of people and only a fraction of a change! I smell a re-design!

Another Update / 5:09 PM: I just went back to check the poll, and now the number is down to 4,301 votes, and people are giving it a bronze… what the fuck happened? Is this poll being rigged?? I hope BBC offers up some answers!!


June 4, 2007