Voxtrot / Voxtrot

Voxtrot / Voxtrot

, up to this point, has only released three EPs and a few singles so far. But that all changes with their first full album release on May 22nd.
I’ve been listening to the album for about a week now, and I can already say that it’s one of the best of the year. They not only took all of the amazing parts from their previous releases, but built upon sthem to make them something even more complex sounding. Strings and pianos are common and a lot of songs and make them even more amazing.
And I’m absolutely in love with Ramesh Srivastava’s voice. It’s the most even and warm toned voice I’ve heard in years, reminding me a lot of Ben Folds, actually. Also his lyrics are amazing, they just seem to flow so well when he sings them. My favorite lines of the album are definitely:

“Nine months later I’m the lonely one, with all the fruit of labor, and half of the fun,
Chris and Cosey in the rising sun, he’s got a heart of gold, man, it beats like a drum,
And it shakes…”

The lyrics are from their song, ‘Steven’ which I’ve posted below for everyone to hear (Voxtrot, if you want me to take it down, because I’m so totally sure you’re going to read this, I will, haha).

Steven – Voxtrot


May 14, 2007