Stars / Do You Trust Your Friends?

Stars / Do You Trust Your Friends?

I stumbled upon Stars with their last album, Set Yourself On Fire, which I totally loved. Then eventually I got into their older stuff through Jeff. I think my favorite album of theirs has to be Nightsongs, which is a sweet little electronic love song.

Do You Trust Your Friends? is their new album, coming out on May 22nd. Technically it’s not a new album, it’s a remix album. They got all of their Arts & Crafts friends together and had a big remix party! The album starts out with a Final Fantasy remix of ‘Your Ex-Lover Is Dead’, stripping it down to a really bare, stringed arranged version, which is completely beautiful. I’ve been listening to the Most Serene Republic remix of Ageless Beauty since last year, in fact it was one of my favorite songs of last year. The other ‘friends’ on the album are Jason Collett, The Dears, Apostle of Hustle, Metric The Stills and other cool people I don’t know. If you liked Stars at all in the past, you should definitely pick this up.

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Final Fantasy Remix) – Stars


May 7, 2007