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Koji Tomoto / Welcome To Balls!

Koji Tomoto

I love the Japanese, but I have to say it’s pretty hard to get them sometimes. Take for example the website of Koji Tomoto. He does these awesome illustrations using bright contrasting colors and simple shapes. Really cute art. But the front page of his website definitely says, “welcome to balls!”.

… right.


Urban Outfitters Blog

Urban Outfitters Blog

I remember the first time I went to Urban Outfitters, it was the one down the street from Union Square in San Francisco. It was the coolest store I had ever been in. The fact that it was like 4 stories just made it amazing to me. Now near 10 years later, I realize that Urban Outfitters is really over priced and rips off t-shirt designs.

But the one thing I still love, is their graphic and in store design. It’s always consistently well done, they’re current design being done by the EXTREMELY wonderful National Forest. Now they’ve taken the style that they carry so well and translated it into a blog. So far it seems pretty cool showcasing magazines, music videos, bands… although it seems like most entries are somehow tied into the brand of the store. The formatting of it is really interesting as well, with the entires being divided up by place, like Los Angeles or London, instead of category.



The Graffiti Project at Kelburn Castle

Os Gemeos

Kelburn Castle in Scotland started out as a stone building around 1200 AD. By 1581 AD a grander castle had been constructed by David Boyle, a time when the family was emerging from relative obscurity and beginning to wield some influence within the local community. Fast forward 426 years to the present owners of the castle, a Lord Glasgow and his two children, Alice and David. David had the idea of somehow getting Banksy to do a small piece on the side of the castle (most likely to attract visitors to the castle). A year later David received the book, Graffiti Brasil, featuring the work of Brazilian graffiti geniuses Os Gemeos and Nina Pandolfo and Nunca.

Circumstances ended up working favorably for David, and the outside of the castle needed to be re-harled, which means the outside protective pebbledash needed to be taken off and replaced. He contacted the biggest names in Brazil, and the Graffiti Project was born.

This is such an awesome idea. Transplanting 3 amazing South American artists and letting them go to town on a 500 year old castle in Scotland! I’m most excited for Os Gemeos, who’s large scale paintings of giant yellow faces are so rad. I can already imagine the castle turret being turned into a giant yellow man with wallpaper patterned pants with his shirt over his head (See above, duh).

The painting beginss on May 12th, and goes for 30 days.m I’m not really sure how long the pieces will stay up, but I would love to be able to check this out at some point. For a ton of info on the project, go to The Graffiti Project home page.


Carlos Ramos

Carlos Ramos

I noticed this guys art while I was at the I Am 8-Bit show. It totally stood out to me and I instantly loved it. This piece reminds a lot of what Jamie Hewlett would do if he wasn’t so attached to computer coloring these days. The grunge-y feel of it so awesome.

To see more of Carlos’ art, check out his blog.
And to see the rest of the painting above, click the link below.

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Patrick Wolf is quitting.

Patrick Wolf

On my way to work this morning I put on Patrick Wolf’s new album, The Magic Position, and thinking about how much I atually like it. I tried listening to his older stuff, but wasn’t as taken with them as I have with this one. Then I started thinking about whether or not he was touring right now, that he would be really great to see live. I get to work, and start browsing my links, and go to Stereogum.

There I see this headline:

Patrick Wolf Announces His Final Show

The asshole has decided that he won’t perform anymore after November.
I guess the stress of being famous and having an amazing album has become too much for him.

You can read what he wrote regarding the issue after the jump… I seriously hope it’s fake.

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Mark Ryden’s “The Tree Show”

Mark Ryden’s “The Tree Show”

This afternoon, Garrett and I decided to check out The Tree Show by Mark Ryden. The show was fairly small, but the pieces were totally rad. He had a bunch of huge paintings with ornately carved frames, which I’m guessing he did himself. There was also a creepy baby behind glass in a tree stump. I think may favorite part was seeing his preliminary sketches of a lot of the pieces that were hanging up.

The show ends next weekend, so check it out if you can!

Click below to check out a TON of pictures.
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Honda Zoomer!

Honda Zoomer

The Honda Zoomer, or Ruckus as it’s known in the States, is basically the most awesome scooter ever. More rugged and industrial looking than most scooters, they have an amazing body styling and thick tires that totally set it apart. For the moment the scooter has sort of a cult following. But recent collaborations with Stussy, Carhartt, and MHI may start giving the Zoomer some well deserved exposure.

My favorite resource to check these scooters out is Zoomer Boys Bern, a blog devoted to Zoomers and customization. They have a ton of rad pictures showing how awesome these bikes can look.