Want 2 Be Square

Want 2 Be Square

Last Saturday I went to Scion’s Want 2 B Square show in Culver City. It was a one night only event which featured Dalek, UPSO, Maya Hayuk, Sage Vaughn, Matzu MTP, Kelsey Brookes, and Freddi C. The artists painted 48″x 48″and 24″x 24″panels, the larger ones being constructed into boxes that hung from the ceiling. You could then step onto a platform and look at the art from inside the box. A very cool way to display it.

The show ended up being really awesome. I recognized UPSO, but didn’t speak to him. All of the artists did a really great job on their pieces, and there was free beer, which is always good. There was also a really rad custom built photo booth that took while it took your picture, it showed a piece of art on your face. At the same time, it was broadcast the picture to projectors around the room, showing everyone the pictures you took. Garrett and I made friends with the creator of the thing, and were able to each get a print of it.
We also got a big bag of free shit, which ended up not being that great. But they did put a lot of effort into it, I’ll give them that.

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April 25, 2007