Travis / The Boy with No Name

Travis / The Boy with No Name

I’ve loved Travis since basically forever. I was that sensitive kid in high school wondering “why does it always rain on me?” and cutting my hair into a faux hawk because Fran Healy, the lead singer of Travis, had it that way. I want to interject here, that Fran Healy totally, and completely started the faux hawk. He was rocking it WAY before everyone, and I copied him way before it was the cool thing to do… we’re talking 10 years ago.

Anywho, The Boy with No Name is an excellent album so far. It’s a return to form for the band, after their last album, 12 Memories. This new album seems much happier again, moving away from the dark political feel of the last one. It might be partially because Nigel Godrich came back to produce for them again, injecting his bit of genius into the mix. I’ve only listened to it about 3 times through… but so far, so good.


P.S. I read this on Wikipedia and thought it was really rad.
“When Travis took the stage to perform [Why Does It Always Rain On Me?”] at the 1999 Glastonbury Festival, after being dry for several hours, it began to rain as soon as the first line was sung.”

I wish I would have been there for that, I’m sure it was such an incredible experience.

April 25, 2007