Urban Outfitters Blog

Urban Outfitters Blog

I remember the first time I went to Urban Outfitters, it was the one down the street from Union Square in San Francisco. It was the coolest store I had ever been in. The fact that it was like 4 stories just made it amazing to me. Now near 10 years later, I realize that Urban Outfitters is really over priced and rips off t-shirt designs.

But the one thing I still love, is their graphic and in store design. It’s always consistently well done, they’re current design being done by the EXTREMELY wonderful National Forest. Now they’ve taken the style that they carry so well and translated it into a blog. So far it seems pretty cool showcasing magazines, music videos, bands… although it seems like most entries are somehow tied into the brand of the store. The formatting of it is really interesting as well, with the entires being divided up by place, like Los Angeles or London, instead of category.



April 24, 2007